Computer Awareness Questions and Answers for entrance exams

We are living in a world where computers are the basic need of a human being and are one of the greatest inventions of humans that brought a great change in modern technology. Computer science or computer’s general knowledge has become an important aspect of our life. In Computer Technology, students learn the various design, developments, working of software and hardware which are used to solve the different problems occurring in business, research or even in social circumstances. Infect, most of the Government and private sectors always seek for the professional candidates which are well trained in computer’s technical skills. It has become a necessity to have at least basic computer knowledge that will help you to get a job. Computer General Knowledge is the important section of competitive exams and you can easily score well in this section.

What you will learn in Computer GK:

Computer’s basic parts consist of input, output, storage and processing. In the basic Computer GK test section, you will learn the conceptual questions on number systems, different generations of computer, computer’s hardware and software, I/O devices, computer memory etc. There will be technical aptitude questions based on computer awareness general knowledge in different competitive exams like IBPS PO, Bank PO, Clerk, RBI, CTET etc.

Important Computer GK Categories

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